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Mobile Restaurant Finder App

AllianceTek’s client was working on a new restaurant management app with a partner that had proven unresponsive and ineffective. Their previous partner’s development processes were time consuming and they were frequently providing excuses as to why development was dragging. The client needed a new partner that could meet their needs in a timely and cost-effective manner, so they sought the assistance of AllianceTek, a software development company that acts as a true technology partner by leveraging technology with an experienced team who understands the needs of our clients and works with them to build upon their vision.


The client had a comprehensive idea for their product, but lacked a clear path on how to convert the idea into a high-quality cross-platform application. AllianceTek worked with the client to understand their needs so we could deliver a sleek app with a friendly user interface. In any development lifecycle, requirements change and need to be addressed. AllianceTek’s development methodology ensures that we can do just that, and quickly adapt the application to respond to changes and improve the finished product.


AllianceTek developed a cross-platform mobile app and web panel using PhoneGap that empowers users with a variety of features. Users can search and compare U.S. restaurants based on location, and get directions to their favorite restaurants with the help of Google API. They can read Yelp reviews and write their own reviews through the app, and maintain a list of their favorite eateries. The app lets users make seating reservations and place take-out orders quickly and easily.

The application’s web panel is intuitive and dynamic, allowing administrators to manage consumer and restaurant information and keep track of comprehensive reports. Restaurant owners can establish themselves on the app to create and manage menu items, reservations, orders and alerts. They can even run loyalty programs through the app and award points to customers to incentivize repeat business.


AllianceTek developed an iterative roadmap and provided thorough technology recommendations that fit the client’s needs. First, we created an HTML prototype to present the client with an idea of the application’s look and feel. Upon confirmation, we initiated the development process of the cross-platform application using PhoneGap. We checked in with the client through every phase of the project to get their feedback and implement any additions and enhancements they needed. By carefully following our agile and iterative process, we ensured successful product development at the right cost, quality and time, and were able to improve on the client’s original vision.

In addition to PhoneGap, we implemented MS SQL Server 2008 database technology for superior business intelligence, data access and organization. We built the web admin panel using the .NET framework, MVC architecture and C#. The solution’s tracking and map feature was developed with Google API.


As a result of AllianceTek’s cross-platform mobile solution, the client was able to set up a feature-rich online and mobile food ordering presence with recurring revenue. Our agile and iterative process allowed us to evolve the project’s scope to not only meet the client’s initial requirements, but also provide them with additional features and capabilities that improved the final product and built on their vision.

AllianceTek offers ongoing support for product maintenance to ensure that the application stays up-to-date and continues to meet their needs and the expectations of their customers.


I consider my company lucky to have a resource like AllianceTek. I was pleased to collaborate with their team to come up with the best solution for our needs. I look forward to working with them in the future.

- Brandon Askew
Street Grindz
Honolulu, HI

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