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Full VOIP mobile application WiFi/3G

Zada Partners is a Portland, Oregon based technology consulting and solutions company that provides product development, infrastructure design, project management, disaster recovery, radio frequency identification, and corporate/brand identity. They assist clients with their technology needs and provide solutions that distinguish their high-quality and reliable services.


Zada Partners had developed a messaging application for the Android operating system. The application allows users to register for free or paid plans to call or message other users using Wi-Fi, a 3G connection, or Bluetooth chat. They were seeking new revenue channels and a new customer base, and wanted to achieve that goal by bringing the application to the iPhone platform and adding several new features to the messaging mechanism.


AllianceTek, a software and solutions company with expertise in developing iPhone applications, analyzed the requirements for Zada Partners’ application and developed a detailed solution roadmap. AllianceTek developed a native application for the iOS Platform that creates SIP sessions and is connected to the server, enabling calls over Internet protocol. The SIP client would be used to create, manage and terminate sessions in IP based network. Session could be simple two-way telephone calls or collaborative multi-media conference sessions. The solution would use an SIP server, enabling users to send emails, SMS messages, and Bluetooth Chat through a single application.


AllianceTek implemented the SIP/VoIP-based application for the iPhone by using the PJ SIP framework. The new version of the messaging mechanism allows users to create SIP sessions to make calls easily and securely. The application includes a number of server-side settings, including enabling or disabling Wi-Fi, using a 3G connection, and viewing call logs. The application includes enhanced features like account registration, usage tracking, support for multiple SIP accounts, friend invites and advanced settings for network, media, UI and call options.


By developing an iPhone version of Zada Partners’ successful Android messaging mechanism, the client found new revenue channels and achieved a larger customer base. AllianceTek has opened up a wider market for Zada Partners by using the iOS platform to increase their scope and usability. Zada Partners can now distribute the application to a larger customer base and provide better services to their clients.


I was very green to a lot of the procedures to releasing an app. They really educated me on the subject matter and provided valuable insight into the design and collaborative process. Will definitely use them again and would recommend to anyone looking to create an app.

- Ricardo Banda (Owner)
Vanin Electric
Houston, TX

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