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Mobile Shopping Mall Guide

A mobile application was created for a client looking for a solution that works as a shopping guide for people visiting the shopping mall.

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Why AllianceTek?

  • AllianceTek built a cross-platform mobile application using PhoneGap in order to reach users using multiple devices.
  • With this application, AllianceTek offered complete mobile informative guide about the shopping mall.
  • The app included floor plans, information on stores, facility to book show tickets as well as quick search to find desired information on the basis of category, brand or floor.
  • The app also included facility to send notifications of latest offers/promotions/discounts run by any store.
  • Users also receive information about current and upcoming events. The app also allows registered users to shortlist their favorite stores in the ‘Favorites’ section to quickly visit them.
  • One of the unique features of this app – when registered users are near the mall they receive notifications of new offers and discounts via a renowned Sensing Service integrated within the app. This feature significantly increases traffic.

Benefits to Our Client:

  • The client gained a comprehensive mall guide solution for the mall visitors. Visitors find easy accessibility and timely information on the app.
  • The app helped gain more walk-ins, increased revenue and continued visitor interest in the mall making it a top-notch branding & retail mobile solution.

Technology Features:

Cross-platform App, PhoneGap, IBM Sensing Service, Events Calendar, Promotions Calendar

This is the best company I've ever worked with for design, turnaround, and attention to requirements.

- Brad Hinely (CTO)
Wilmington, NC

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