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Mobile Fleet Management Solution

Through this application the users can launch map and locate current location of vehicles and list directions on how to get to the driver/trailer.

Why AllianceTek?

  • We developed a cross-platform mobile application and improved client's real time information accessibility and speed of business operations.
  • We, as a true technology partner, gathered the understanding of the current web services to provide a complete solution.
  • Provided integration services using web services to securely obtain accurate information of vehicle over the mobile.
  • Integrated enhanced features to enable the user to launch a map and find and locate each driver/trailer as well as lists directions on how to get to the driver's/trailer's location.

Benefits to Our Client:

  • Opened doors for a new revenue channel by mobilizing fleet management and the ability to track assets on the go.
  • Our client was benefited from the cost effective & timely execution of this intelligent GPS based mobile solution.
  • The client could offer accurate real-time tracking of the assets.

Technology Features:

PhoneGap, iPhone application, iTune app store, Android application, iOS, Mobile Application, Web Services, GPS, Geolocation, real – time tracking, Google maps, Cross – platform application



GPS North America provides integrated fleet management solutions to sales, services, and delivery companies throughout the United States. GPS North America helps businesses track...

These guys did a tremendous job. I will definitely work with them again. They communicate quickly, respond to feedback and have great expertise.

- Reggie Brown
Kirkland, WA

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Why AllianceTek?

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