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Mobile Restaurant Finder App

AllianceTek partnered with a client that had an idea for an innovative new restaurant management app, but lacked a clear understanding on how to develop it into a finished and polished product. The client had previously partnered with a vendor that had proven ineffective, unresponsive, and unable to adapt to their requirements, so they sought the assistance of AllianceTek, a global software development company with an experienced and dedicated team. We provided them with a comprehensive and agile development methodology that delivered a cross-platform mobile restaurant management application with dynamic search, review, and interactive capabilities between customers and restaurant owners. AllianceTek, as a true technology partner, delivered a feature-rich application that met the client’s needs and built on their original vision to provide improved capabilities and a dynamic, user-friendly interface.

The solution allows mobile users to perform restaurant searches and comparisons based on location, read and write reviews, make reservations and place take-out orders, and even get directions to their favorite eateries through Google API. Restaurant owners can use the app to manage menu items and reservations, send out notifications about promotions and events, and reward customers with loyalty programs.

As a result, the client was provided with an online and mobile food ordering application with rich features that ensure recurring revenue and customer satisfaction.


AllianceTek’s client was working on a new restaurant management app with a partner that had proven unresponsive and ineffective. Their previous partner’s development processes...

I needed to create an iOS app for my website and chose AllianceTek because their proposal was one of the lowest and they seemed a strong company. I was right! They created a schedule of the work based on weekly updates for which they were always on time. They were very quick to understand my requests and quick to implement them in the app. Overall I was extremely pleased by the resulting app and I am extremely satisfied by the work done by AllianceTek.

- Fabio Veronesi
Zurich, Switzerland

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